Used oils from establishments around the Western, Northern & Southern Cape Areas are collected by the Rein Oil team.

We only collect used oils from reputable suppliers and we will first conduct proper tests before entering in agreement to collect oils from prospective suppliers. We also practice the steward’s principal to ensure proper oil management from point of sale to eventual discard after use by frying establishments.

These used oils are tested in our in house testing facility, heated and stored in bulk containers, before being collected from our premises by an authorised transporter. The oils are then transported to individual buyers.

Rein Oil makes use of reputable bulk transport companies and follow a strict procedure when loading oils. All trucks have to present a cleaning certificate before oils are collected to ensure that no contamination of the product occurs.

We not only understand the importance of delivering a top quality product, but also the importance of ensuring the product our customer receives is on time and delivered in clean tanks. We also send trained professionals with each tanker to supervise offloading procedures and that the product is received in good order. This supervisor will perform constant quality checks and monitor the customer’s oil levels.

The buyer, to whom the tested used oils are supplied to, receives the used oils on a weekly basis to ensure regular stock rotation.
Rein Oil is now ISCC Certified

All used oil products are sent to independent laboratories for testing to ensure compliance to the strict guide lines as set by both local and independent watchdog organisations.


Below a brief summary of our standard quality specification on the used oils:

- Filtered through a 400 micron sieve
- Heated to 30° C for min 3 hours to eliminate   excess moisture
- Stored at 20 – 30° C
- Minimum 98% oils
- Maximum 2% impurities
- FFA – less than 5.5  %
- Moisture – less than 0.50%
- Colour – yellow to brown
- Odourless
- Salmonella free

Cooking Oil South Africa Cooking Oil South AfricaCooking Oil South Africa